About Grandpa

Hello, I’m Grandpa. 

I have had my hands in water for most of my adult life. I have used water as a tool to enhance the way companies work and I have also worked with businesses and individuals to clean up their water for consumption.

Why care about water.

Water is probably the number one thing that enters most people’s mouths, but there is little thought given to what is in water. Fifty years ago, we drank from the garden hose and didn’t think anything of it, but hopefully today we stop and think before we drink the water coming into our house. When I ask most people about their tap water, they say it tastes bad and smells funny. For the most part, we rely on someone else to keep our water clean, but when asked, most people don’t know who that person or group is or what they do.

What’s in water that’s not water?

While I have tested water for over 28 years, I never really thought much about water until one day the doctor told me that my kidneys were not filtering the way they should, so I had to consider how I filtered the foods and beverages I was taking into my body. I want to show you how to find out what is lurking in your water and what you can do to make drinking water a safe and pleasant experience for you and your family.

Let’s take a look at your water together.

Even though I have worked in chemical and water treatment companies for years, there are new things showing up in water all the time, so I am continually learning. This can be a journey that we take together to improve the quality of your water and ultimately the quality of your.

While these may sound like complex problems, there are a few simple solutions that can solve these problems. We will look at what is in your water and how to remove it before you drink it, cook with it or bath in it.

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