How To Replace The Under Water Sink Filter Cartridge

Filter Cartridge:

A filter cartridge is an apparatus that is used for filtration purposes. It is tubular. It is encased in a casing known as its housing. It is used to remove unwanted particles, chemicals, and pollutants from any liquid. It is also used for the removal of sub-micron particulates from the liquids. 

How To Replace The Under Water Sink Filter Cartridge

How To Use Filter Cartridge:

The filter cartridge is exposed to the liquid or substance that needs to be filtered when the liquid passes through the casing of the filter, it will come out as filter water or liquid. 

Types of Filters:

There are two types of filter cartridges. 

  • Depth filters 
  • Surface filters

Depth filter:

It is such a filter cartridge that traps the contaminations within the filter media. It filters the substance or liquid through a thicker layer of multilayers. Yes, it was expensive. Because its mechanical strength is high and this its shelf life is also long. This filter includes the String wound filters, Ceramic filters, and Sintered filters. 

Surface filters:

This type of filter cartridge does not allow the contamination to be trapped within the filter media. It filters the substance through a single layer of material. This type of filter cartridge is comparatively cheaper than that of depth filters. It has a shorter shelf life because it has weak mechanical strength. This type of filter includes Cellulose filters. 

How to replace the Under Water Sink Filter Cartridge?

You need to replace or sanitize your underwater sink filter cartridge at least once a year. You can sanitize or replace your underwater sink filter cartridge by the following steps that will describe the procedure of replacing the underwater filter cartridge. 

Step 1:

First of all, you need to shut off the valve that is responsible for the control of the flow of water in the system. 

Step 2:

Then you need to open the faucet, which allows the water to come and helps in relieve pressure. 

Step 3:

Then carefully loosen the casing of filter cartridges with your hands or using a wrench. Keep the filter cartridge upright directionally because it is full of water. 

Step 4:

Remove all the cartridges. 

Step 5:

Some people recommend changing the O-rings of the filter cartridge. But it is not necessary. If someone does this then it’s a good idea. Anyhow, remove the filters carefully. 

Step 6:

After removing the old filter cartridges, then place the new filter cartridges. Screw the new filter cartridges by using tools in their proper place. 

Step 7:

open the valve that was shut off and allow the water to flow through the casing of the filter cartridge. 

Step 8:

When you see the flow of water from the underwater sink filter cartridge, close the faucet. 

Step 9:

Remain the tap open for the flow of water through the system maximum of 5 minutes. This will helps in the activation of the system. After five minutes, close the faucet. 

Step 10:

At last, close the faucet properly and check the leakage in the system. By following these steps you can replace your underwater sink filter cartridge easily. This is such an easy method of replacing the underwater sink filter cartridge. 

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